Only 95 midi controllers?

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Only 95 midi controllers?

On my Midi Tools v2.0.1, there are only 95 controllers available on the controllers page. Where are the other 32?

Also, could you please explain a little about the features on that page?


Mark van den Berg
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You can customize the "MIDI controllers" window by pressing the "Options" button.
This opens a dialog box called "MIDI controllers: options".
Here you can customize the following things:

  • Whether the mode message buttons ("Reset all controllers", "Local off" etc.) are shown.
  • How big the bars of the controllers are.
  • How many controllers are visible per row.
  • Which controllers are visible. (The buttons on the right are "macros", selecting particular ranges.)

Some info about the "MIDI controllers' window:

  • The Record and Stop buttons control whether the controller bars in the window react to incoming messages on the selected channel of the selected input device.
  • The Initialize button sets all visible controllers (as defined in the dialog box) to zero.
  • The "Send all" button sends the values of all visible controllers.
  • The buttons labelled "Reset all controllers", "Local off" etc. send particular mode messages (using controllers 121-127). E.g. pressing "Reset all controllers" sends a Control Change message using controller 121 with a value of 0. Note that the corresponding controller bar is also updated
  • You can change the value of each controller bar by mouse or by your computer keyboard: arrow up/down, page up/down, home(=127), end(=0).

Hope this helps,