2 bcf 2000 midi in out

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2 bcf 2000 midi in out


i just bought a segond bcf 2000 and i would to know the best way to put them in serial mode to use them together for a cope xite sonic core mixer ( midi, not usb )

previously i was using only one conected with the in outs of the hardwares faaders 1 to 8 on p1, 9 to 16 on p 2 etc

now i would like to have chanels 1 to 8 on the first bcf and 9 to 16 on the segond one ( to expand later if needeed )

it seem to make loops on motors

any suggestion to line this up smoothly ?


Mark van den Berg
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Before I start giving information you don't need:
Do you want to know how to connect your two BCF2000s (MIDI cables, Device IDs etc.)?
Or do you want to know how to set up their presets (faders/encoders/buttons)?
Or both?

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thank you for your answer Mark

i'm ok with the programing, your software is just atonishing, i dident uuse my bcf since 2 years and its a big massive surprise to find it, thanks a lot.

my question is more about conecctions, hard soft etc, i'm using maschinne from ni, with a native controler, and an external card with dsp from sonic core ( scope xite).
the mixeers are on the sonic core software, i use midi and i remote them with the bcf thru mashine:
my question are:
1 it is beetter to use both bcf with usb or to slave the segond onee with midi in out to the first, i assume it is easer in usb because of the connection with your software

2 there is any way to manage 2 bcf with your software without issues or do i need to plug unplug ?

3 does the bcf have a serial or o number to make the asignments on the good one ? how to setup that

4 any other suggestion will be extraordinaarly received

thanks again


Mark van den Berg
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I'm not familiar enough with your situation to say which setup is best, but in any case you should pay attention to the following settings of each BCF:

  • Operating mode (a.k.a. "MIDI mode"): U-1/2/3/4 or S-1/2/3/4.
  • Receive channel: this only pertains to MIDI Program Change messages.
  • Device ID: this pertains to MIDI System Exclusive messages, so is crucial for defining presets via BC Manager.

See section 12 of BC MIDI Implementation.pdf for discussion of all these parameters.

If I understand you correctly, you want to merge the output of both BCFs to the same MIDI device:

If this MIDI device is serving an application running on your computer (such as Maschine or BC Manager), you can use the setup described in figure 4.5 in section 4.1.1 of Behringer's official BCF/BCR2000 manual, with one BCF in U-4 and the other in S-3. This merges all MIDI output from both BCFs into the computer.

However, if this MIDI device is external hardware, I think it would be difficult to have any of your BCFs in a U mode, since a BCF in a U mode only outputs its controller data to the computer, not via its MIDI OUT A/B sockets. (Perhaps you could have a computer program like BC Manager or MIDI Tools provide a soft thru that routes the BCF's controller data back to that BCF's MIDI OUT A or B. However, this is clumsy and has some limitations.)
So then it's best to put both BCFs in an S mode, where at least one of the two must be in S-1, S-2 or S-3 to merge the incoming data from the other BCF and send the merged data to your hardware device.


BC Manager can work with up to 16(!) BCF/BCRs simultaneously under all circumstances, no matter how they are connected:

If your BCFs are on different USB ports, BC Manager can simply distinguish them via their USB ports.
In this case the Device IDs of the BCFs aren't necessary to distinguish them: both BCFs could even have the same Device ID.

If your BCFs are connected to BC Manager via a single I/O device (e.g. the U-4 + S-3 setup described in the Behringer manual), you must set their Device IDs to different values, for instance 1 and 2.

To change a BCF's Device ID (particularly on Windows you should only do this when BC Manager or any other MIDI application isn't running!):
On the BCF, press EDIT + STORE.
The BCF's display now says "EG".
Then push encoder 5 to see the current Device ID value, and rotate the encoder to change the value.
When you're done, press EXIT to leave "EG" mode.

Then start BC Manager and ensure that the B-Controls window shows the correct values for both BCFs in the Device column.
If any value in the Device column is wrong, you can correct it via the "MIDI options" dialog box, which can be accessed via MIDI -> Options.

In the MIDI options dialog box, you should also pay attention to the Method setting for "Select preset upon Copy to preset 0": I think you should not set this to "Program Change", since this might make the other BCF jump too.

There's a quite lengthy discussion of the "MIDI options" dialog box in section 10 of the BC Manager manual.

Hope this helps,

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wow !!

Thank you very much Mark, all that info will be massively tested asap to find the more reliable mode for my setup

best regards