The feedback of the parameters

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fabrice taboga
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The feedback of the parameters


I just bought a Behringer BCR 2000 to control the parameters of my virtual synthesizers in cubase 8.5 on PC win 7

Although I am not very good at MIDI, I managed to map Sylenth 1 without too many problems with the "learn" function, my controller is plugged into USB (U1) The  encoders drive well the parameters of the Sylenth 1, but I Can not get back the parameters! So the values ​​of the different encoders remain as they were saved in my BCR preset and not as they are in the current preset of Sylenth 1 ... or it seems to me that when I change preset, the values ​​of the BCR encoders should also change ! (Otherwise I do not see too much interest ???) same thing if I have 2 instances of Sylenth 1 in a project, when I switch from one to the other the values ​​of the parameters of the BCR encoders does not change !

I should perhaps connect via a MIDI interface (type M-Audio USB Uno And using the mode (S4) but I would like to be on before investing in a 30 € interface ...

Normally the BCR 2000 should issue a message of type gOOd or bAd depending on whether the transfer is successful or not (this is not the case for me, even though the BCR 2000 controls the parameters of the Sylenth 1)

In addition, I can encode the parameters of my virtual instruments (VSTI) but not those of my VST effects (comp, eq, filter etc. etc, even if they have a MIDI function learn ...

In short! I am completely dropped, and all help will be extremely precious to me!

Thank you in advance for your advice

best regards,


Mark van den Berg
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Setting up bidirectional parameter updating between a VST(i) plugin and an external MIDI controller (like the BCF/BCR2000) is usually complicated, sometimes even impossible.

First of all, many plugins (particularly older ones) are incapable of communicating the parameters of their presets via host automation or MIDI: in this situation there's nothing the DAW (let alone the external controller) can do.

Secondly, DAWs have their quirks as well. See for instance my document on Cakewalk SONAR:
Even when the plugin and the DAW can exchange parameters via host automation, the DAW may be incapable of passing these parameters to an external MIDI controller.
Unfortunately I know hardly anything about Cubase, so I can't give any specific advice.

In my experience, often the only viable setup is to use the BCF/BCR as the "master" and the plugin as the "slave":
you put your favorite parameter values in a BCF/BCR preset, and upon selection of that BCF/BCR preset, you select the pertinent preset on the plugin via a Program Change message (defined via the BCF/BCR preset's "LEARN output" tab in BC Manager) and send your favorite parameter values via the BCF/BCR's "Snapshot" feature.

Hope this helps (a bit),

fabrice taboga
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Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply, I am surprised that I can not do this, because in the BCR manual, most MIDI (and usb) configurations include parameter feedback.
If this is not the case, this controller is not useful to me and it will go back to the store !!!
I am still waiting for answers from Behringer and the store, but I will try your solution with BC Manager.
If I can make it work as I want, I will let you know about the forum, and I will make a donation for downloading your software
Thank you again for your help.
Best regards,

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I've got a BCF2000, not the BCR2000, but I see this YouTube showing BCR2000 with an older Cubase:

and links to forums which describe zip file for presets used, German translation to English:

The link is in the body of the YouTube description if you click the "Show More" in the description. 

Hope this helps!  Best, Mark @W4CHL