How to make display different numbers than val

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How to make display different numbers than val

Hi. I'm a new BCmanager user. Thanks for this software. I'll be supporting it for sure.

I'm doing some presets for the BCR2000 to control my Virus Snow. Is there a way to make the display to show different numbers from the data val. I mean, if I send a custom mesagge to control the tempo in the Snow, I send values from 0 to 127 as usual, but they correspond to values from 63 to 190 in the Snow. Is it possible to make this numbers show in the BCR2000 display instead of 0-127?

Sorry for my english...

Thanks a lot!

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I'm sorry, but, as far as I know, the display only shows the value and can't be offset with the standard firmware.

The only way to see the real vales is to have something like a PC (or Arduino display) between the BC and the Snow.

All the best


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Sorry, that should read...

The only way to see the real values is to have something like a PC (or Arduino display) between the BC and the Snow.

I hate when you can't edit posted messages.

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Thanks for the info.

Mark van den Berg
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Actually there is a reason I made it that way: when a user creates a comment, that comment gets sent immediately to anyone subscribed to that thread. So if the user later modifies that comment, the subscribers won't know about this (until they revisit the thread itself). (At least I think subscribers don't get a new copy each time a comment is edited.)
So in a sense the obligation to add an erratum is more transparent.

However, there are of course also benefits to editing your comments.
So to accommodate you, I've now created the new "power user" role, of which you are so far the only member.
This gives you the following extra permissions (don't ask me to describe in detail what some of them entail...):

Override default text format
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May the eh... power be with you!

Mark van den Berg
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Hm, there's definitely a bug in the forum software my website uses (Drupal's "Advanced Forum" module):
After posting my reply (#5) to #3 (Royce's complaint about the non-editability of posts), it suddenly gets called a reply to #4. Very strange.

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Hi Mark thanks for the 'upgrade'.

It wasn't so much a complaint. It was more my frustration that I can't pretend that my typing is better than it is.

But now I can rule the universe !!... sorry.

Knob Twiddler
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I would like to edit my post too, which special abilities you need to join the power user group ?

Mark van den Berg
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Obviously, to join the Power User group, you need to be a Jedi smiley.

In most forums (particularly those about software development) users are not allowed to edit their posts, for a very good reason: although it's annoying to have to announce a correction in a new post, threads are guaranteed to remain historically transparent.

Editing a post amounts to rewriting history and tends to make things very confusing to people reading the message thread.
For instance, consider a situation in which user A posts a link and user B complains it doesn't work (in fact, this has just happened in this very forum!).
Then if user A simply corrects the original link, people will be inclined to think that the corrected link is still the invalid one.
So at the very least, user A should make clear that the link has indeed been corrected (e.g. by using the strike-out style).
Another danger is that the people who've subscribed to the forum get inundated with notifications about minor edits to existing posts.
So the post-editing ability requires quite a bit of discipline.

Anyway, your request demonstrates again that 'no good deed goes unpunished':
When I gave Royce (whom I've known for years) this power (and several others) after his cri de coeur, I should have realized that other people would want it too.
Since you're so eager, I've now given you the power to edit your posts too. Use it wisely, young one!

However, let me state categorically that from now on no-one else will be granted this power.
Not even if you're Bill Gates, the Pope or the next President of the United States.