Increment function on BCR2000

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Knob Twiddler
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Increment function on BCR2000

Hi there,

I would likt to select the different filter types of the Xfer plugin Nerve with a simple button on the BCR.

There are 4 filtertypes:

none: 0-42 cc

L: 43-84 cc

B: 85-126 cc

H 127 cc

How can i program this with the increment function?

The jumps are 43steps except for the last one...I can't figure it out...

Mark van den Berg
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Maybe I'm missing something, but can't you work downward from 127? Of course the lowest value won't be 0 then, but it doesn't have to be, does it?
So (if my calculations are correct) the increment can then be anything from +29 (yielding 40, 69, 98, 127) to +42 (1, 43, 85, 127).

Maybe +40 is the simplest: 7, 47, 87, 127.
In BC Manager you can set this up as follows:

On the General tab:
Show value = On
Default Value = 7/47/87/127 (127 may be best)

On the Standard output tab:
Type = Control Change
Channel = ...
Controller = ...
Value 1 = 127
Value 2 = 7
Mode = Increment
Increment = +40

Note that Default Value is essential to guarantee the correct starting point.

Each press of the button then selects the next value: 7 -> 47 -> 87 -> 127 -> 7.

Hope this helps,

Knob Twiddler
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Thank you Mark, 

I forgot about the other direction. It all works now.