Welcome to the new Mountain Utilities web site!

For several years, the Mountain Utilities web site was located at my homepage at my ISP (Internet Service Provider).
The advantage was the low cost, the disadvantage the restricted capabilities: just plain HTML...
And of course the url was awful: even I had a hard time remembering it was http://home.kpn.nl/f2hmjvandenberg281/...

But now all that has changed: I've moved the Mountain Utilities web site to a 'real' webhosting server, which has opened up many possibilities for interaction with the many people using Mountain Utilities software and documentation.

For instance, users of BC Manager or GS-10 Manager no longer have to become members of the BC2000 or GS-10 Yahoo! Groups to get support, but can ask their questions in forums on the Mountain Utilities web site itself.

It is also possible to upload and download presets, patches etc. to and from the Mountain Utilities web site.

Another reason to move to this new site is the release of Mac OS X and Linux versions of many applications in the not too distant future (hopefully next year): my homepage space of 50 MB (!) would soon have become too small.

I'm also hoping to release quite a few other applications, not necessarily related to audio.

I don't know where all this is leading: some of these plans may come to nothing, but right now I'm very happy with this new start.

One thing is certain: now that the url is simply https://mountainutilities.eu/, you no longer have an excuse for not finding the Mountain Utilities web site!


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Only have to thank you for all the effort and knowledge you give to and share with the community. I wish you the best in your new website and projects. 

Thanks Mark!!