Some quick BCR2000 questions

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Knob Twiddler
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Some quick BCR2000 questions

Hello Mark,

Hope you are doing well!

I did not use my BCR for a long time.

Programming a VST again to the parameters.

I forgot 2 simple things...

1.when I make a preset in BCR manager how do I export that to BCR and save it? I ask because I select the preset midi row and use the midi send to send it, but it doenst work...will it always be sent to the corresponding preset on the BCR?

As a workaround I send the 32 presets with the send all data and that works great, but one day I will make a mistake, that is why I want to do it correctly.

2. Is there an option to edit the midi channel on more as one button at the same time? My vst has 8 channels, and I have to program all parameters for all channels. I am not too lazy to change all parameters to the corrsponding midi channel but when there is an option to set the midi channel for all parameters in a preset, it will go much faster ;)

Thanx in advance,


Knob Twiddler
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Ok I got the answer on my first question: when I load a single preset to my bcr2000, after the transfer is done, I have to switch the BCRpreset at least once to have it appear on the BCR. After that you can store it. 

So if it is on preset 5 and the data is sent, I switch the BCR to preset 6 and back to 5 if I want to save it on 5.

I think it must have sent it to the template preset 0 and you have to learn the BCR where you want it to go?