BCR2000 hardware issues :-/

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BCR2000 hardware issues :-/

Has anyone had any experience with these kind of BCF/BCR issues,? Were you able to solve them?

    • Encoder group 4 selector button when pressed is causing LEDs on the other selector buttons to light up randomly.
    • Button 56 ('Exit' button) is triggering a string of ten or so spurious messages when pressed.
    • Some buttons in the upper section (of 16 buttons) are switching other buttons in the same section on or off when pressed.
    • Some encoders in the lower section of the BCR are developing 'ghost' LEDs where another encoder will appear to control its LEDs at a dim level.
This is happening across all presents, so I don’t think its because of a specific preset's programming. It also happens with the all midi and usb disconnected.

I guess these devices are starting to get old, but I'm not seeing any worthy modern replacements!




Mark van den Berg
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Indeed the malfunctions you mention strongly suggest hardware faults.
To definitively rule out a software cause (i.e. preset definitions), you can try BC Manager's "Test hardware" utility. And perhaps this utility might allow you to further pinpoint faulty button/encoder LEDs. (This utility is accessible via MIDI -> Maintenance in the B-Controls window. See section 10 of the manual for further info.)

Over the years several people have reported similar hardware problems, so you might search this forum for some tips.
IIRC people have talked about using a spray to clean dirty potmeters of encoders, and some people have been able to buy suitable 3rd-party knobs to replace faulty ones.

By the way, if you want to open your BCR without breaking the tabs on the insides of the side-panels, you should take a look at the "How to open a B-Control" document, available from the BC2000 page at this website.