SYSEX not uploading from FCB to Manager

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SYSEX not uploading from FCB to Manager


This looks like excellent software with great, clean, and clear layout and functionality. I found your post on the FCB Yahoo forum.

I have downloaded the Manger onto my MacBook Air M1 and purchased a Roland UM-One Mk2. I have also downloaded the driver for the interface from Roland.

Your software recognizes the Roland MIDI interface and I have followed the initial instructions several times. Still, I have yet to see the result of my SYSEX upload. I've had my FCB for many years and have manually programmed it so I know what the Global settings are as well as the first two pages.

I checked that the UM-One is sending data with my MIDI monitor that comes with Studio One DAW. The FCB is, indeed, sending SYSEX. When I change the FCB out of program mode, my MIDI monitor reads all of the MIDI commands (PROG, CC, NOTE). Also, I have connected my UNM-one to my iPad and have been able to upload all SYSEX data to the FCBFF app on there. That software is no where near as comprehensive and user friendly as this Mountain Utilities Manager.

I check all pages of the forum and I seem to be somewhat alone with my problem. Do you have guidance on something I might have missed?


Thank you

Mark van den Berg
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Apple's M1 is ARM-based, FCB1010 Manager (like all my applications) is Intel-based. So on an M1 FCB1010 Manager has to run under Rosetta 2. Some users have reported problems in this configuration concerning MIDI communication. However, since I don't have an ARM-based Apple machine myself, I can't test this, let alone fix it.

So you should first establish whether FCB1010 Manager can receive any type of MIDI data:

  1. Start FCB1010 Manager.
  2. In the "MIDI devices" dialogbox, enable the pertinent MIDI input devices.
  3. Open the "MIDI input messages" window.
  4. In the "MIDI input messages" window, press the Record button.
  5. Send some MIDI messages from any hardware or software device to any of the MIDI input devices enabled in FCB1010 Manager. These messages should appear in the "MIDI input messages" window.

If these messages don't appear, there may be something fundamental wrong with the whole setup, perhaps some incompatibility related to Rosetta 2.
If the messages do appear, you can then try to make your FCB1010 send its setup message to FCB1010 Manager: this should appear in the "MIDI input messages" window as a single System Exclusive message of 2352 bytes.

Hope this helps,