NDLR Librarian Issue

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Clint Goss
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NDLR Librarian Issue

Hello Royce ...

Trying to make use of your excellent NDLR Library software ... However:

  • Fetched the Teensy USB Virtual Serial Port (serial_install.exe) from the [Windows Driver Installer] link on https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/usb_serial.html 
  • Ran serial_install.exe. It reports: "Virtual Serial Drive … Windows 10 USB Serial Device driver is present. No installation is necessary."
  • Fetched, unpacked, and re-located the Librarian software from https://www.bwalk.com.au/NDLR/NDLRwin.html
  • Run NDLR_Lib64.exe directly.

It reports: "Could not open device \\.\COM3".

What might I be doing wrong?

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Hi Clint

Just press 'OK' to dismiss the error message.
Press the 'Setup' tab at the top of the window.
The new page should have a list of available COM ports to try on the top right.
(The program has already clicked on 'List available ports' for you when you go to this page)

Click on one in the list and say 'OK' when the dialog pops up.
The PC will now see if the NDLR is connected and has be setup to send/receive messages on the serial port (COM).

If you get an error message that talks about the 'Version Info' then the NDLR is not connected to this port.
Try another COM port.

Post again if you are still having some trouble.

All the best


Clint Goss
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Works like a charm ... THANKS so much!!