Looking for someone to make a B-Control firmware...?

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Looking for someone to make a B-Control firmware...?

Hi all.

I was sent this way on my quest for a MIDI controller that can do what I want...

I've been on a long, long journey searching for something that as far as I know, doesn't exist.

I'm looking for a simple (just knobs and faders, really!) MIDI controller that is capable of motion control/automation.
That is, you hit "record" - move a knob - it plays back the motion you just recorded. If this could be snapped in time to a clock as well... wow... that would be the dream.

One of the options I'm exploring is the BCR2k with some alternative firmware.

Do any of you have any leads as to a person that could write such code? I'm not a rich man by anyones definitition, but I would gladly pay what I can to help lubricate the process of development.

I do have some pseudocode I have written that could assist the process. From what I understand of the task, it's definitely possible - particularly with all the info regarding the BCR out there and the success of the Zaquencer.

Any leads appreciated a great deal.

Best wishes.


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Hi there teething,

Have you looked at the Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi type projects?

It sounds like you want to control MIDI in a device, and have a recording / playback function to automate some values?

I think that it may be possible using many hardware options.

Maybe look / search on the 'Instructables' website?

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what you describe is actually a typical use case of DAWs (digital audio workstations), which can record and playback MIDI automation.

Would using a DAW be feasible for what you're planning to do?

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Isn't the answer simply a sequencer? The Squarp Pyramid, for example, can record a wide range of midi CC messages, either via receiving those while recording, by setting things up stepwise, or by drawing on the touch pad. It has five knobs plus the touchpad, all of which you can assign to pretty-much-whatever, although no faders.