Behringer BCR32

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Behringer BCR32

I guess everyone has heard the announcement from Behringer about a possible new BCR32. Any word on whether it might support BCL or have a chance to be compatible with the wonderful BC Manager and all the files people have already made for it?

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I think Behringer should have contacted Mark maaaany years ago but they never did (i think). They did recently contact with ZAQaudio (for the sequencer feature) so i think there is maybe hope with Mountain Utilities. The thing is that Behringer original editor wasnt good and thats the reason Mark created BC Manager (big thx for that Mark). I hope they call him this time for the 32 version editor.
I am sure that if Uli put some BCR units back on stores they would go inmediatly.
The 32 version seems promising* but the bcr2000 still has its well deserved place on many of our daw desks.
(*with that microscopic display.... :-(  )
PS. Yes, this is my 1st post :-)