XG Manager 1.6.1 MIDI Thru not working

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Greg Holwell
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XG Manager 1.6.1 MIDI Thru not working

I have just downloaded the 64-bit portable edition of XG Manager version 1.6.1 and extracted it to a brand new folder (i.e. no configuration files left over from
the previous version).

I set up the MIDI devices as:
Input devices: Steinberg UR22C-1 (I have nothing connected to this device's MIDI ports) - unticked
                       USB MIDI Interface - from my keyboard (shows a green light when data is received) - ticked
Thru output device - USB MIDI Interface - to my Yamaha MU10 XG tone generator (flashes a yellow light when data is transmitted)

Output devices: USB MIDI Interface - ticked
                         Steinberg UR22C-1, Microsoft MIDI Mapper, Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth - all unticked
Thru input device - none
XG synth: USB MIDI Interface

I created a setup with the XG voice Church Organ 2 in part 1, channel 1 and saved it as "Church Organ 2.stp".

I played the keyboard and no note sounded, so I checked View MIDI Input and Output Meters. Both showed the  monitored device as being USB MIDI Interface.
The input meters showed data on Channel 1 when keys were pressed and released, and on Other continuously (probably Active Sense).
The output meters showed no data at all.

After shutting down XG Manager, I looked at "Church Organ 2.stp".  Here are the relevant lines:

MidiThruDevices=19:0/Steinberg UR22C-120:0/USB MIDI Interface
MidiInEnabledDevices=20:0/USB MIDI Interface
MidiOutEnabledDevices=20:0/USB MIDI Interface

XGMidiOutDevice=0/USB MIDI Interface


Greg Holwell
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P.S. My other XG editor worked as normal on this same MIDI input/output configuration.