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Changes to the Mountain Utilities website

In recent days I've changed this website in several ways to make it more smartphone-friendly:

I've simplified the layout by removing the Download and User login panels.
There's now a Download button in the main menu, which opens a page containing the links to the download pages.
And to log in you now press 'Log in' (top right), upon which a login page opens.

Furthermore, the website can now be viewed in three different ways, via so-called themes.
These can be selected via the Theme panel at the bottom of the page:

Happy New Year!

After launching this website last November, I fell into a kind of 'web fatigue': setting up the website had taken a lot more time than anticipated, at the expense of my other duties and hobbies.
So in recent weeks I have caught up with those other things a bit.
However, from now on I'm hoping to dedicate more time to this website and the further development of my programs.

First up are a few minor additions to BC Manager and MIDI Tools, then I'll turn to the big task of porting these programs (and a few others) to OS X (and maybe Linux).

Welcome to the new Mountain Utilities web site!

For several years, the Mountain Utilities web site was located at my homepage at my ISP (Internet Service Provider).
The advantage was the low cost, the disadvantage the restricted capabilities: just plain HTML...
And of course the url was awful: even I had a hard time remembering it was