Happy New Year!

After launching this website last November, I fell into a kind of 'web fatigue': setting up the website had taken a lot more time than anticipated, at the expense of my other duties and hobbies.
So in recent weeks I have caught up with those other things a bit.
However, from now on I'm hoping to dedicate more time to this website and the further development of my programs.

First up are a few minor additions to BC Manager and MIDI Tools, then I'll turn to the big task of porting these programs (and a few others) to OS X (and maybe Linux).

If there's interest, I'll also consider setting up a Wiki (using MediaWiki), primarily for the BCF/R2000.
Any help and suggestions on this are very welcome.

On behalf of all Mountain Utilities employees I wish you all a very happy and of course musical 2014!


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Hello Mark,

I'd very much welcome a Linux version, it'd be great if you could run BC Manager natively instead of using Wine or Virtualbox. Sowieso many thanks for the great software!