Changes to the Mountain Utilities website

In recent days I've changed this website in several ways to make it more smartphone-friendly:

I've simplified the layout by removing the Download and User login panels.
There's now a Download button in the main menu, which opens a page containing the links to the download pages.
And to log in you now press 'Log in' (top right), upon which a login page opens.

Furthermore, the website can now be viewed in three different ways, via so-called themes.
These can be selected via the Theme panel at the bottom of the page:

  • The original theme is now called Classical.
    It has a fixed width for the central text column, which makes it largely unsuitable for narrow screens.
  • Modern resembles Classical in terms of layout and color scheme, but rewraps all text when you change the width of the browser window.
    However, on really narrow screens the main menu items (underneath small triangles) overwrite the Mountain Utilities logo and heading.
  • The Mobile theme fully accommodates mobile phones.
    Its color and layout schemes differ radically from Classical and Modern.
    Like Modern it rewraps all text, and on very narrow screens the horizontal main menu is replaced with a single drop-down button called MENU: when you click MENU, all menu items appear below.

For now I've made Mobile the default, because presumably it is more difficult to change the theme on smartphones than on computer screens or tablets.
Besides, Mobile looks pretty decent on computer screens too.
However, its big fonts (particularly on the home page) may not be to everyone's liking.
So if everybody turns out to hate Mobile, I'll consider reverting to Classical or Modern.
I'm not sure whether the current three-way choice is feasible long-term: theme-switching exhibits a few quirks that I may or may not be able to solve. (For instance, after switching to a different theme you usually end up on a different page.)
Write a comment to let me know what you think.

Update 2017-06-03: To simplify matters, I've now disabled the Classical and Modern themes.