BC Manager 4.0.2 for Windows released

BC Manager 4.0.2 for Windows was released today.

To download the application, please visit the BC Manager page at this site.

In this version the "next/previous preset" buttons in the layout windows work correctly again. (This bug was introduced in BC Manager 4.0.0 for Windows.)

There are also two improvements to the "Send firmware" operation:

Many apps released as Windows portables and dual 32/64-bit installers

In recent days I have released the following applications:
A-880 Manager 3.1.0
BCN44 Manager 1.4.0 Alpha 1
CSV Doctor 1.4.0 Alpha 1
D-5 Manager 2.0.0 Alpha 1
FCB1010 Manager 2.1.0
MIDI Tools 2.1.0
ProMix 01 Manager 1.4.0 Alpha 1
R-8 Manager 1.5.0 Alpha 1
XG Manager 1.5.0 Alpha 1