About Mountain Utilities and its website

This website is the home of Mountain Utilities, a virtual, one-man company owned by Mark van den Berg, which has been producing software since the early 1990s and specializes in applications for musical equipment.

Some of these applications can be downloaded as freeware from this website.
They all work under Windows 2000 and later (e.g. XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).
Recently some applications have been ported to macOS, and more ports are in the pipeline. However, you may also try to run the Windows versions under macOS or Linux in a guest OS within a virtual machine manager like VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels, Wine etc.

Please check the latest news and the list of plans.


1. Registration

Anyone can access all content on the Mountain Utilities website (downloads, forum topics etc.), and post comments after answering CAPTCHAs.
However, registered users can do much more:

  • start forum topics
  • post comments without answering CAPTCHAs every time
  • subscribe to individual forums (i.e. automatically receive all individual posts or daily digests)
  • define (upload) their own avatar (the image shown next to every post)
  • upload files to the B-Control and GS-10 user areas
  • receive newsletters
  • vote in polls

Note that you can only log in if cookies are enabled in your webbrowser and that you will be automatically redirected to https when you try to log in via http.

2. Privacy

No information about users (such as IP or e-mail addresses) will ever be shared with any third parties.
E-mail addresses are not even revealed to other registered users (in forum topics etc.).
The website contains no third-party trackers.
All elements of the website (incl. images and downloads) are served from the website itself.

3. Ads

The Mountain Utilities website contains no ads.


All downloadable documents and installers by Mountain Utilities are freeware in the strict sense, containing no adware (e.g. bundled offers), let alone malware of any kind.
Note though that the downloads in the B-Control and GS-10 user areas (made available by users) aren't necessarily safe, so you should be a bit more careful with those. However, most of the file types that can be uploaded to these user areas cannot contain active code, so the scope for malware is very limited.