Changes to the Mountain Utilities website

In recent days I've changed this website in several ways to make it more smartphone-friendly:

I've simplified the layout by removing the Download and User login panels.
There's now a Download button in the main menu, which opens a page containing the links to the download pages.
And to log in you now press 'Log in' (top right), upon which a login page opens.

Furthermore, the website can now be viewed in three different ways, via so-called themes.
These can be selected via the Theme panel at the bottom of the page:

Several GUI-related bugs in OS X applications fixed

New versions of several applications are now available for OS X:

A-880 Manager
BC Manager
MIDI Tools

Most significantly, the new version of BC Manager fixes a window-related bug that often produced "Division by zero" error boxes on application termination.

Additionally, all these versions improve the behavior of the menu bar.