https and avatars now available!


You can now also visit this website via https.
When you're not logged in, both http and https work. However, when you try to log in via http, you get redirected to https.


An avatar is a small image shown next to all forum posts, helping to distinguish the different posters in a thread.
As a registered user you can now replace the default avatar with your own:
1. Open the Edit tab of your account page.
2. Scroll down to Picture.
3. Click Browse and upload your image.
4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Changes to the Mountain Utilities website

In recent days I've changed this website in several ways to make it more smartphone-friendly:

I've simplified the layout by removing the Download and User login panels.
There's now a Download button in the main menu, which opens a page containing the links to the download pages.
And to log in you now press 'Log in' (top right), upon which a login page opens.

Furthermore, the website can now be viewed in three different ways, via so-called themes.
These can be selected via the Theme panel at the bottom of the page:

Several GUI-related bugs in OS X applications fixed

New versions of several applications are now available for OS X:

A-880 Manager
BC Manager
MIDI Tools

Most significantly, the new version of BC Manager fixes a window-related bug that often produced "Division by zero" error boxes on application termination.

Additionally, all these versions improve the behavior of the menu bar.